Get Your Own Back: Live promotional shoot with Dave Benson Phillips

Get Your Own Back was one of my favourite TV shows from my childhood.  For those who are scratching their heads, GYOB was a gunge based gameshow which saw school children pitted against each other with wacky games. The winner was awarded the opportunity to cover an adult (whom they had felt 'wronged them' in the past) with buckets of slime.

Dave Benson Phillips tries a 'Dirty Harry' look during the promotional shoot

In recent years, presenter Dave Benson Phillips along with Anton Benson Productions have taken the show on the road and it's proving very popular with it's original audience (now aged approximately 25-35).

I was thrilled to be invited along as photographer to create a few promotional images for the show during it's nightly run at the Assembly Festival, one of the many arts and culture festivals which fill Edinburgh throughout August.

The shoot went off to an excellent start with me being sent to the wrong venue. An extremely easy mistake to make. The shoot was to happen at ASSEMBLY Studios on GEORGE Square... I was sent to ASSEMBLY Rooms on GEORGE Street... these two venues are on opposite sides of central Edinburgh. Luckily I arrived early, so the 15 minute jog through Edinburgh city centre while carrying my lighting stands, lighting modifiers and camera bag allowed me to arrive at the correct venue on time. Albeit a little bit tired and a sweaty photographer. Marvelous.

Dave had just come out of an interview with STV in which he had poured his current supply of gunge all over their presenter. So we found ourselves in a beer garden with an empty jug of green goop. After a quick shake of the jug to create the illusion that it wasn't 'completely' empty, I led Dave around George Square to a large poster advertising his show. He regularly had to stop for selfies with fans while we walked.

Lighting diagram for the Get Your Own Back: Live promotional photography

Once at the poster, I set up a softbox to my right and was careful to crop out all the local students loitering nearby from view.  The main idea was to focus on the gunge element of the show. 

Dave Benson Phillips with his green gunge and poster

Once I was happy with the collection I had, we moved along the square away from the posters where I could grab some safety shots of Dave. The benefit of this was that these images could then be used once the show was over as generic promo/headshots.

Dave Benson Phillips portrait

Dave Benson Phillips headshot

Dave Benson Phillips' Get Your Own Back: Live can be seen at Assembly Studios, George Square until 27th August. If you are nearby and want to relive your childhood, tickets can be bought here

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