Portrait shoot with Shlomo, World Record Breaking beatboxer

World Record Breaking beatboxer, Shlomo crammed TEN shows within 48 hours while he was visiting Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh. With such a busy schedule, fitting in a portrait shoot was going to be a challenge.

By keeping in close contact in the days running up to the shoot, and both Shlo and I on pretty hectic schedules, we were able to keep on top of where each of us would be. We decided that the best time to fit in a quick shoot would be straight after a soundcheck for a 'Best of the Fest' show held at the Palais du Variété. The original plan was to grab a few environmental shots backstage to give a 'musician on tour' vibe. This all changed as soon as I entered the venue. It was a spiegeltent kitted out to look like a Parisian cafe. See for yourself.

As soon as I saw the red velvet curtain on the stage, I knew I had my backdrop. After a quick introduction to the friendly production staff I set up my lighting on stage while Shlo set up his stage equipment and went through his soundcheck.

Shlomo lighting setup

With a simple two light set up, I placed a flashgun with a diffused cap pointing straight up where I wanted Shlomo to stand. This would provide a nice section of light on the red curtain which would fall off at the edges while simultaneously giving a rim light to the beatboxer. I also placed a gridded 60 inch softbox to the right of the camera. This would be my keylight with the gird helping to achieve a controllable light which wouldn't bleed into the background and create a moody shadow to one side.

1/200, f5, 75mm, ISO 200

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