Band promo photography - Burning the Dream

Yesterday was Cadaver Concerts' Upload Festival, an annual all day event showcasing the finest upcoming talent in Scotland's metal music scene. The Dundee event has been consistently successful and is single handedly organised by Excellent Cadaver's guitarist, Drew Cochrane.

Upload Festival Poster

Being a good friend and bandmate of Drew, I have been lucky enough to be involved with most of Cadaver Concerts' events since it's beginning. Through this history, I was honoured to sponsor a stage at the event. With the affiliation, I offered all of the 17 acts performing the opportunity to grab a slot with me throughout the day to have a promo shoot nearby. One such band to take up this offer was Glasgow based Burning the Dream.

In advance to my travel to Dundee, I reminded myself of the areas surrounding the venue in which Upload was being held. Through the use of google maps streetview, I was able to virtually explore the area and take note of all the nearby locations which would make great backgrounds in my images. When dealing with bands who are noncommittal at best, having solid and quickly accessible options is vital.

Burning the Dream - Moody in a Dundee wasteland

Lighting setup for the band promo

By having a location already in mind, it took barely 5 minutes to round up the band and walk to the spot. I had already planned my lighting set up too which meant the band weren't waiting around too long while I quickly set up the strobes. The members of Burning the Dream took the role of weed tamers by hacking away at plants that would get in shot. Very quickly I had a softbox as keylight and a flash gun behind the band modified by a diffuser and blue gel. Super quick, super effective.

Burning the Dream

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