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Today, I had Moses Anderson of Superior Model Management over to add a few updated headshots to his portfolio.

I planned two different looks, one would be a white studio backdrop with a pale fuchsia light thrown in and the other, an exterior shot with the Edinburgh skyline in the background.

1/200, f22, 50mm, ISO 100

1/200, f22, 50mm, ISO 100

Look One

For this look, my aim was to create a traditional studio headshot with a pale fuchsia gradient in the background to add a little 'pop' to the image.

Initially, I set up a Bowens Prolite 82 with a gridded soft box as my keylight and a Nissin Di866 MkII for the rim light. I placed a Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite with a fuchsia gel behind Moses, which was shot through a diffuser to create the gradient on the white background.

After a few test shots, I wasn't completely happy with a strong shadow on the left side of the face, so an umbrella was added to the rim light and it was brought much closer to Moses, creating a softer more even lighting.

1/200, f22, 50mm, ISO 100

1/200, f22, 50mm, ISO 100

The Neweer speedlite had a bit of trouble with refresh speeds compared to the other lights, and sometimes had a habit of not firing at all. As it's job was purely to light the background, these 'mistakes' actually created a happy accident of giving some options to use a mid grey background. 



Look one lighting setup


Look Two

Once I was happy with the studio shots, we took a few paces to the left to the balcony which overlooks Edinburgh city centre and the castle. My aim was to get some dramatic shots of the sky while still throwing some controllable on Moses.

1/200, f22, 50mm, ISO 100

1/200, f22, 50mm, ISO 100


To make the sky appear even bluer than it was, I modified the Nissin speedlite with a CTO gel and set my white balance to tungsten. I knew this wasn't going to be as exact, and there was room for error, so I quickly had Moses hold up a grey card in front of his face. I could then use this as a white balance reference starting point once I was in Adobe Lightroom.

Look two lighting setup

White balance reference card and adjustment

Making a good first impression with a professional headshot is essential to getting the right attention. The goal of A D Zyne is to create a unique headshot that captures your personality without over the top editing, which casting directors can see instantly.

Whether in my portable studio, or out on location, a quick 30min session is all that's needed to capture the ideal headshot.

To discuss a shoot, you can get in contact with me HERE.

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